Sunday, June 5, 2011


French English language TV (DeGaulle must be turning over in his grave at that one) reported this evening on the latest efforts to invade Israel by some Syrian citizens and residents who say that there parents, grandparents, and/or great-grandparents once lived in present-day Israel.  Relying on that tremendous example of free and unfettered media, Syrian TV, French TV and others reported that 13-20 were killed.  (Early reports from the Israel Defense Force confirmed four.)

French TV went onto report that, in response, the Obama Administration called on both sides to refrain from "provocative" actions.  Now, I know what the people from Syria did that was provocative: they tried to cross into another country without permission.  What I cannot figure out is what the Obama Administration thinks the Israelis did that was "provocative" in this instance other than exist. 

Speaking of provocative actions, the continuing slaughter and torture of Syrian citizens, including children, by President Assad still hasn't proved provocative enough to cause the Obama Administration or most other governments to call for his removal from office.  Mubarak had to go, Qaddaffi was told to go and his going justified military action, the Yemenite dictator has apparently finally gone, but Assad continues to have the International get-out-of-jail free card.  I continue to wonder what this guy has on his fellow presidents, prime ministers, and ruthless dictators.  Whatever it is, it must be good.

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