Wednesday, August 31, 2016


According to numerous news reports, on August 28th the United States expressed "concern" over reports that Iran has deployed Russian-made, highly sophisticated S-300 long-range missiles at the Fordo nuclear site in central Iran.
Today the United States expressed "deep concern" over the announcement by Israel that a step has been taken in the approval process for 500 new homes in areas across the Green Line.  Several of the areas were, until the current U.S. Administration, always thought to be areas that would remain under Israeli jurisdiction in any peace deal.
"Concern" over deadly missiles guarding nuclear facilities of a country that is pledged to Israel's destruction, that continues to take aggressive actions and make aggressive statements toward the U.S., and that continues to be the greatest national exporter of terror.  "Deep concern" over a step in the approval process for houses for Jews.

If American foreign policy can get any wackier than this, it is hard to imagine how.  
(Originally published in The Times of Israel)
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