Friday, May 27, 2016


Was it sincere outrage and indignation and concern for the country?  Or was it typical cynical political grandstanding and exploitation?
Democrats have expressed outrage at Donald Trump's demagogic, myopic, and racist statements about Mexican Americans and Muslims. They've protested his tasteless, misogynistic attacks on women. They've bemoaned the fact that he, with the active participation of some of his Republican primary rivals, has taken the presidential campaign down to all-time lows.
They've been right to do so. I joined them in doing so.
The Democrats called on Republicans to join them and to refuse to support such a man as the nominee of their party.  They've been right to so.
Some Republicans--not enough--have refused to support Trump, even if it means a Democrat wins the White House.  Most of those Republicans have attributed their position to their lack of faith in Trump's conservative bona fides and to his crassness.  A very few--not nearly enough--have attributed their position to Trump's racism and misogyny.
We have seen what is important to Republicans.  Standing up against hate?  Taking a principled stand?  Being truly concerned about the nation? Or party unity?  Winning the presidency at any cost?  Stopping a candidate they seem to hate with a vengeance?
Now the Democrats face a similar test.