Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've been tested.

The West Dubartonshire Council in Scotland has called for a boycott of all Israeli goods and has specifically singled out Israeli books.  This latter twist evidences a special ignorance of or total insensitivity to or a sympathy with the Nazi's love of burning books, particularly Jewish ones. 

The members of the Council found Israel's war in Gaza so abhorrent as to warrant a boycott of Israel and its books.  It apparently found no justification in the fact that the war was launched after about 8,000 rockets were set off from Gaza and were specifically aimed at terrorizing, maiming, and killing children, women, and men.  And it felt no need to boycott Libya, Sudan, Syria, or any other murderous regime. 

No call to boycott Scotland, England, and the rest of "Great" Britain for killing civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya and, though a bit late, for those unnecessary bombs lobbed at the Falklands. Nope.  Only the Jewish state's efforts to defend its civilians causes the distinguished members of the Dubartonshire Council to rise up in righteous stupidity and bigotry. 

So, quite naturally, I was happy to join in the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs call for a boycott of products made in the Council.  Indeed, I was quite proud of the fact that the Federation, which is comprised of the synagogue men's clubs of the Conservative Movement, took such bold action. 

Then I read why the Men's Clubs were so involved. It's the guys in the Men's Clubs that organize the post-services drink that is common in many synogogues.  And the favorite drink of many of the participants, including me, is scotch.  And I learned that West Dubartonshire is home to many popular distilleries, including Morrison Bowmore, Loch Lamond, and Chivas Brothers. 

And then I learned that Chivas Brothers makes Ballantine's, Chivas, and my favorite, Glenlivet.  At that, my Zionist commitment felt a shake.  To say I am partial to Glenlivet is a bit of an understatement.  I often refer to the brand as my favorite doctor, Dr. Glen Livet. 

 I am a committed Zionist.  I am willing to make many sacrifices for the cause:  I've given time. I've given money.  I've spoken up.  I live in a small apartment when in Jerusalem.  I've given up many great days of my favorite pasttime, skiing. But the latest call to action gave me pause.  After years of certainty, it caused a seed of doubt.

Is this all really necessary, I asked.  What about kilts?  I can easily commit to buying no more kilts.  Doesn't anybody knit or sew in  West Dubartonshire?   How about some of those nice paintings of the Scottish landscape?  Somebody in that region must paint.  How about all those crests those people seem to love?  I don't need to buy anymore crests.  In fact, I can't even remember the last time I felt the need to buy a crest, but I can certainly recall craving a bit of smooth single-malt flowing down my throat. 

So, like so many people committed to a great cause, I faced my test.  What price was I willing to pay?  What personal sacrifice would I make in the name of a great cause?  Would I follow in the footsteps of the heroes of Zionism and the Jewish people?  I pondered.  I contemplated. 

Then I read the article one more time.  A great bolt jolted me.  I came to a recognition:  Glenfiddich is not on the list of West Dunbartonshire Council products.  Count me in.  Boycott on!  Let's show West Dunbartonshire who their dealing with.  We stand with Israel. 

Ahh, I've passed the test.

Drink, anyone?

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