Sunday, June 12, 2011


A friend sent the latest rantings from Stephen Walt in a post on Foreign Policy, "Do the American people support the 'special relationship?'"    The column is about how the pro-Israel lobby (i.e. the Jews) gets its way against what the American people really want and against the best interests of the United States.  Jews and their sympathizers are that good at manipulation and control.

This is Stephen Walt of the team of Walt and Mearsheimer, who took an article that garnered much attention and pumped it up into a book alleging vast Zionist control of American politics while being panned by many scholars, both supporters and critics of Israel, for sloppy research and for abandoning basic standards of scholarship.

This time Walt does not even bother with the trappings of scholarship.  He just goes right to the Jew-stereotyping bottom line:  U.S. support of Israel could not possibly be because Americans identify with Israel and its positions.  It cannot be because the latest polling shows that 67 % of Americans support Israel and less than 20% support the Palestinians.  It cannot be because they are persuaded that supporting Israel is the right thing to do.

According to Walt, if Americans do support Israel, it has to be because they are duped into doing so by a media that is, you guessed it, manipulated by Jews and their pro-Israel conspirators.  And, if pro-Israel advocates, i.e. Jews, vigorously defend their position, they are "silencing and smearing" their opponents. 

And if the Congress welcomes Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and backs his positions, it is not because they disagree with the Palestinian position against recognizing Israel as the Jewish state.  It is not because they reject the so-called "right" of descendants of Arabs who formerly lived in what is now Israel to overwhelm Israel.  It is not because they find Israel's security needs, respect for minorities, and repeated offers of territory for peace compelling. 

It is, according to Walt, because Jews contribute to campaigns and influence members of Congress and, because of that, members of Congress just do what they are told regardless of the dire consequences to U.S. interests, as Walt sees them. 

Assume for a moment that the Congress, in whole or in part, supports Israel because American citizens who support Israel have lobbied them and have supported them.  It's doubtful that Walt would find fault with pro or anti-abortion Americans lobbying congressmembers and supporting those whose positions they like.   Or that he would find fault with Americans who support strong environmental laws from lobbying the Congress and supporting members whose positions they like, even though other Americans might find those positions adverse to job growth. 

Does Walt find fault with Armenian Americans lobbying their members of Congress to declare the Armenien Genocide a genocide, even though this honesty might damage the U.S. relationship with Turkey?  Does Walt  find fault with Greek Americans lobbying congressman in support of Greek Cypriots, and supporting those who are sympathetic, even though, if successful, that too might damage the U.S. relationship with Turkey?

When pro-Israel Americans, Jews and non-Jews alike, lobby and support pro-Israel members of Congress, and when members of Congress agree with them, it somehow becomes nefarious conduct and is adverse to American interests.   Moreover, according to Walt, because the Jews are so good at this, it allows Israel to engage in conduct that is even bad for Israel.  Imagine that, he knows and cares more about what is good for Israel than the government elected by Israelis. 

Of course, it just happens to be the case that Walt disagrees with the pro-Israel position of most Americans and members of Congress.  As with Jimmy Carter, it simply cannot be that most Americans and members of Congress just don't find his arguments persuasive.  Walt and Carter and their ilk have to be right in their positions.  It is just not within the realm of possibility that intelligent people can see things much differently than they do.  It has to be because people have been duped and manipulated and silenced and smeared and bought off by--surprise--the Jews.   

Walt is the epitamy of the sore loser.  He cannot convince people of his position.  Being a much-acclaimed and confident scholar, he simply cannot accept that.  By God, those undergraduates never had the nerve to question his wisdom like this. They probably always saw how correct he is, and they probably dutifully regurgitated it on their exams and in their papers.

Walt  is so desperate to find a reason why his arguments are not accepted by the American people and the Congress that, deliberately or not, he has thrown his lot in with some centuries-old Jew-hating stereotypes and charges.  He's not even original.

Of course, Walt would counter that these charges that he has adopted Jew-hating stereotypes are just part of the effort to silence and smear him.  And I would counter that his claim that my charges are meant to silence and smear him are part of his effort to silence and smear me.

My question is this:  If we Jews are so good at manipulation and control, how the heck did Walt get published by Foreign Policy?  Heads are going to role in the Department of Manipulation and Control at Zionist Central Headquarters. 

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