Monday, February 14, 2011


My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing a documentary, "Strangers No More," at a screening in Tel Aviv. It is nominated for an Academy Award in the Documentary-Short Subject category. The film documents a wonderful school in Tel Aviv dealing with children from dozens of countries. A majority of the children are refugees or the children of refugees. It is beautifully and sensitively done and shows a side of Israel not generally shown on the news: its diversity, its inclusiveness, and its dedicated and talented teachers and volunteers.

Attend a screening if you can. Seeing it will give a boost to a great school and to two dedicated American filmmakers who spent a year making the film. Plus, it will give you a nice, warm shot in the arm.

If you cannot see the film sooner, watch for it when it shows on HBO. And, if you have an extra 20 grand or so, put an ad in the L.A. Times promoting the film to the Academy's voters.

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