Sunday, February 13, 2011

MASHIACH--A really random thought

I drive to Tel Aviv and back quite a bit. Along the way are a few fairly large posters of the late Rabbi Schnearson with language touting him as the Messiah. I've noticed a couple of smaller posters touting another rabbi who I have never heard of. My question is if these guys are really the Messiah, do they need campaigns run for them? Do they have campaign managers? Do they do polling? It seems to me that if you are really the Messiah, you skip all that and go right to the vote.

Could these two candidates combine forces and run together as a team? Is there a Vice-Mashiach?


  1. When the Mashiach arrives (or arrives again if you are a Christian), I suspect that a vote will not be required. Just as well actually. As a Libra, I would be so undecided as to how to vote, I am likely to be left behind.

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