Saturday, February 12, 2011

Countdown to Democracy
I am so encouraged by all of the optimistic predictions of the rise of democracy in Egypt, I have decided to create a countdown to democracy in Egypt. I want to be realistic, so I think one year is a fair timeframe for the appearance of the democracy so many think will come in the Arab world's most-populated and arguably influential nation.

So, this is day 365. The countdown begins.

I often have something to say. My wife, Dana, and daughter, Ruthie, have been encouraging me to start blogging for quite a long while. I created this blog in August of 2010, but just could not get motivated to actually start writing. However, I am so excited about the prospect of a democracy in Egypt, and so many world leaders seem to be expecting it to appear, that I am now motivated to start my active blogging with my countown to Egyptian democracy. In the next few hours and days, I might post some of the things that I have written in the last year or two that have garnered me a bit of attention on the Internet.

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