Friday, July 5, 2024

Memo from a disgruntled Israeli

(Originally published in The Times of Israel)

MEMO TO: U.N, EU, U.S., and all of the self-righteous intersectionalists at elite U.S. universities who don't understand anything about the Middle East and don't say a word about the famine in Sudan but love to dump on Israel and demonstrate their Jew-hatred when we have a war here.

FROM:  A disgruntled Israeli.

We're very likely to  have a really, really big war.  You will get very upset at us.  CNN, BBC, the NY Times, and the Washington Post will have the media equivalent of orgasms over all of the alleged starvation, water shortages, housing destruction, and all-around worst-ever-heard-of-in-the-history-of-the-world damage caused by Israel.

And, listening to the Ben Wiedemans of the world, and reading the Tom Friedmans of the world, it will all have been done for no reason except for the fact that we woke up one morning and  just felt like doing it.

One hundred missiles--yes, 100--were shot from Lebanon at Israeli civilians in the north Thursday.  Yes, in one day.  It continues today.  Everyday. 100,000 people cannot live in their homes.  Whole cities and towns are empty.

The world doesn't care.

Hezbollah, which is part of the Lebanese government, has at least 150,000 missiles buried amongst civilian areas all over southern Lebanon, along with every kind of sophisticated military equipment imaginable.  Most of it has been supplied by and continues to be supported by Iran.

UN Resolution 1701, passed at the end of the 2006 Lebanese War, called for the disarmament of Hezbollah and the demilitarization of southern Lebanon except for the Lebanese Army.  Hezbollah's solution:  With Iran's support, it became part of the Lebanese government.

The world didnt care, and it still doesn't.

What is now Israel's uninhabitable north keeps creeping south.  Each day the bombardment from Lebanon gets more aggressive and makes more of Israel a target.  As Secretary of State Blinken has said, Israel has lost its sovereignty in the north.

This has been going on for months.  We are effectively ceding more and more territory.  No country can tolerate this.  No country would.

The world doesn't care.

The world will undoubtedly and predictably care when Israel, finally, attacks Lebanon to stop the effective taking of its territory.  Then the world will come crashing down on us.

Secretary Blinken, French President Macron when he isn't oppressing occupied New Caledonian or any of the other 12 French colonial possessions, and other world leaders are trying to prevent "an escalation," aka Israel defending its sovereignty by eliminating Lebanon's ability to continue to attack Israel.

Neither Blinken or any other leader seems to care that Israel has been and continues to be under attack.  Their oft-expressed fear is that Israeli actions to defend itself will "escalate" and cause a wider war, i.e. a war that impacts people other than Israelis.

Their repeatedly-stated objective of avoiding an escalation that would involve Iran and possibly Russia in war, whether it be in relation to Lebanon, Gaza, the Houthis--just about every tinderbox in the Middle East--has guaranteed one thing: escalation by those terrorists and rogue nations.

When you let them know that their actions will not result in direct and severe consequences for them you have pretty much guaranteed an escalation by them.

Thus, a fourth-rate terrorist group like the Houthis has the nerve to continually cripple world shipping.  And a third-rate power like Iran has the nerve to support terror and use proxies to destabalize nations around the world.

If you are the most powerful country in the world--the supposed leader of the free world--aren't others supposed to be deterred by fear of your power, not you by their's?

Israel will have to act to protect its sovereignty and to defend its people.  It will not be pretty.  Then the world, undoubtedly including those "self-righteous intersectionalists at elite U.S. universities who don't understand anything about the Middle East and don't say a word about the famine in Sudan but love to dump on Israel and demonstrate their Jew-hatred when we have a war here," will care.

Too late.







  1. Am Yisrael Chai


  2. Have enjoyed your comments over the years and on this piece I am in full agreement. However, you left out one very important critique regarding the US and its supposed support or lack of real support for Israel. By removing the Iranian economic sanctions, reinstating UNRWA financial support, catering to Iran to obtain a fantasy nuclear deal and providing them with access to billions of dollars the Democratic party under President Biden has been funding the rockets and munitions being used against by Hamas and Hezbollah.

    The Democratic party, especially by it actions over the last 3.5 years has clearly demonstrated it is not a friend or supportive of Israel. My votes will be cast accordingly.

  3. Spot on. Such a screwed up world we live in.

  4. Always good to read your thoughts instead of the
    U.S. media controlling the narrative.


  5. You are spot on, but the intersectionality construct is the beating heart of the US Democratic Party, now … it is where all the energy is, and it’s tearing apart California schools (under the guise of Ethnic Studies, which has been hijacked by the same university anti-semite crazies who love Hamas and are indoctrinating school children to hate Israel and the West, more generally), and it prevents national Dem’s from seriously confronting Iran’s Mullahs, now.

    This isn’t just about feckless leadership under Biden … the hard Left control the Party and his Administration, and global thugs know it. That’s why the world is burning and Israel is ground zero (as is Ukraine, which has lost an entire generation of men already).

    When will you be holding your nose and publicly endorsing the MAGA Orange man? ;)

  6. As usual, you are absolutely on-target.

  7. I hope everyone in the Capitol community and beyond will read your article. Thank you for sharing your words.

  8. Another enlightening publication! Thank you Alan!

  9. Love it well said!!