Saturday, November 19, 2011


Comments received on the November 12th  post, Settle This (in addition to those following the post itself):

1. Another amazing post.

2. While I'm not in favor of giving up any "settlements", I very much appreciate your defense of common sense.

3. Whatever issues are put forward, there can be no mistake that they want us to just go away... Dead or alive!

4. Well done and thank you for the patton quote which I love.

5. It is a great blog....

6. Love your random thoughts.

7. All you need to do is forward this 5-minute tutorial about the Middle East conflict and what it would take for lasting peace:

8. Once again, the emet!

9. Alan, bottom line is that they will not recognize the right of this state to exist at all. The rest is all window dressing or I'd use the eight letter word that starts with b and ends with t.
10. The only way peace "breaks out in the middle east" if the Israelis either move somewhere or become eliminated by the arab neighbors. Even then the arabs will still be fighting amongst themseleves. The real way peace breaks out is peace through strength, that is Israeli strength. It would not hurt if America had a president who supports the Israeli's.
11. Peace isn’t something that breaks out, Alan; it’s not fire or disease—even though many in Israel and here in America sometimes regard it as such. You work hard for it, if you sincerely want to achieve it. Since Israel abounded that road after Rabin’s assassination, and preferred to pave the road of settlements, occupation and ruling over other people--it faces the problems and isolation it faces today, including Iran.

12. Alan, These people want to kill you. And everyone in Israel, and Jews worldwide for that matter. That is the simple truth. Give them nothing as the “west bank” is in fact not a river bank, it is an area without which Israel cannot defend itself. Simple rule of armored warfare, you need maneuvering room and room for the enemy to lengthen its supply lines. Without the west bank buffer it is very difficult. The mountains separating the Capitol and the river Jordan can be outflanked.

Israel’s future is in fact bright if it stays the course, the fact is that the internet is bringing information to the young in Arab countries and in time enough of them will discard the medieval views of their present leaders. Israel needs a Churchill, “never give in, never, never, never”

Above is what I truly believe but it is not my family in the crosshairs. So maybe I should not pontificate.

13. Amen on your comments about the misplaced emphasis on the "settlements"--or as George calls them, "communities".

14. Unfortunately, your analysis is accurate. the solution is far from clear. 

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