Friday, September 16, 2011


A number of readers comment on my posts directly to me or on Facebook.  Some have admitted to being technically challenged when it comes to responding on the blog, a condition with which I can identify.  Whatever their reasons, I think their views are worth sharing.  Therefore, I am going to post some of their comments.  Unless told that their names can be used, I will keep them anonymous. 

Here are a few:

Two on my post on Rick Perry's less than stellar academic career:

No. 1:
At least he has executive experience, having governed the fastest growing state in the country. Why is college so important? We still haven't seen the transcripts from the brightest president and chosen one? Do you know why the left is always searching for a leader who can lower the sea levels & essentially be a "messiah"? The left doesn't believe in g-d.

No. 2:
A genius

On Turkey's hypocritical turn against Israel and what Israel should do about it:

Alan - your words are so appropriate and true! Bravo

And two on my lament that the national Republican Party seems to be following going down the same path as California's party:

No. 1:
Let's see, card check, no fossil fuels, Obamacare, stimulus II, forget Israel. What is the compromise Rep.s should make with Barry, Nancy or Harry? CA is limiting medicare recipients to 7 dr. visits. Rep.s should agree to 9 as a compromise? Comparing today to CA in the 70s to 80s is apples and oranges. Solyndra would never have happened then.
The US is no help in this situation as long as we compromise with Barry:

No. 2:
So your position is to keep spending and through increasing taxes drive productive californians out of the state. Worked well in caliland!

I hope others will let their thoughts be known, directly on the blog if you can.  Otherwise, I will be happy to transfer the comments for you.

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