Monday, May 9, 2011


I often tell my Democratic friends that they are lucky to have the Republicans as their opposition. And the recent first “debate” of Republican hopefuls in New Hampshire certainly proved that point once again. Desperate to outdo each other and to pander to some of the most extreme elements in the party, unfortunately the ones who control or are perceived to control the primaries, the candidates came out with some of the most right-wing vitriol one can imagine. It is sad that these folks seem to do all they can to ensure that there will no place left in the party for reasonable, moderate people.  

Not one of the candidates in New Hampshire, and no Republican leaders in D.C. that I am aware of, has called Donald Trump on the carpet for his disgusting, ill-informed, mean-spirited, cynical, and racists rants about the President’s birth certificate and college admissions. Just when you think American politics and civic life cannot go to any lower depths, a guy like Trump rises up from the sewers and proves that it can. And, of course, the media give him carte blanch to spew his nonsense.


I wonder if the Tea Party folks and others that are screaming for huge cuts in government and wholesale elimination of programs have stopped to think how many of them or how many of their family members benefit from many of the government programs they are criticizing, or perhaps from other programs that someone else would criticize as unnecessary and wasteful. I suspect “waste and unnecessary” is in the eye of the recipient.

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