Sunday, April 17, 2011


The continued silence of former President Jimmy Carter in light of the ongoing repression of those who seek freedom in the Arab world is disgraceful but not surprising. As previously noted, the former president, who is seemingly everywhere touting human rights, has been bought and paid for by Arab tyrants. So, while he manages to be critical of governments around the globe, and particularly of Israel, he remains silent on some of the absolute worst regimes imaginable.

I might have some sympathy for him if he just shut up or fessed up to his dilemna: he cannot bite the hand that fed him. But, instead, he adopts a transparent diversionary tactic of flying off to Cuba for a few days and requests the release of an unfairly jailed American. Good mission, very questionable motives.

And, of course, just to let us know that he continues to campaign for the title of tackiest ex-president around, he criticizes American policy toward Cuba while in Cuba. One has to work at being an outsider even amongst one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, the ex-U.S. presidents club, but Jimmy Carter works very hard at it.

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