Monday, March 21, 2011

Where Are You Now, Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter, who has made a post-presidential career out of being a somewhat self-righteous arbiter of fair elections and advocate for allegedly oppressed populations, at times contrary to the sitting president's policies and wishes, has been strangely silent at the stirrings of the masses in the Arab world. 

Well, perhaps it is not so strange when you consider that the self-appointed guardian of democracy and freedom has accepted millions of dollars in gifts and loans from some of the most brutal dictators in the Middle East.  Just one example is the tens of millions of dollars donated by Saudi kings and princes to the Carter Center.  The Saudi largesse often constitutes major chuncks of the Center's $36 million annual budget.

It seems that when it comes to oppression by Arab trillionaires, Jimmy Carter believes that silence is golden.

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